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Cherie Blair QC, Chair, Omnia Strategy

Cherie Blair QC talks to legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg about the upcoming Global Law Summit and why it’s important to mark this significant anniversary, 800 years of Magna Carta.[...]

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ADR – Giving businesses a real choice.

London, 19 January, 2015. International trade is deemed an economic necessity and is increasingly a priority for the UK government. In post-recession years as part of its overall strategy to rebuild the economy, business organisations are encouraged to engage in international[...]

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Compliance Management – The Challenges and Solutions

London, 15 January, 2015. Many countries are currently reviewing their regulatory and compliance regimes and many see the UK regime as the one to follow. Brian Rogers, Director of Regulation & Compliance Services at Riliance, provides an insight into some of[...]

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Financial Fair Play: A whole new ball game

London, 14 January, 2015. Financial Fair Play is helping to cure European football’s budgetary incontinence – and this means more work for lawyers. A panel session at next month’s Global Law Summit – Sports governing bodies: keeping to the rules[...]

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Shailesh Vara MP: Make the Magna Carta celebrations a springboard to a stronger legal market

London, 12th January, 2015.  Legal and commercial freedoms underpinned by the 800-year-old charter have helped create an enviable heritage, but its advantages don’t end there Many of the foundations and traditions we reference in our work as lawyers are drawn[...]

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Dubai World Tribunal Insolvency Regime

London, 12 January, 2015. On 13 December 2009 Decree No. 57 of 2009 “Establishing a Tribunal to decide the Disputes Related to the Settlement of the Financial Position of Dubai World and its Subsidiaries” was issued by His Highness the[...]

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DIFC Courts – Insolvency Regime

London, 8 January, 2015. Although there are no formal restructuring procedures in the DIFC[1], such as Chapter 11 in the United States or procedures whose primary objective is to rescue the company (such as administration in the UK), the DIFC[...]

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Banking reform – we need a long-term solution

Douglas Flint, chairman of HSBC one of the world’s largest banks, says much has been achieved in reforming the industry, but much of the trickiest work remains to be done. What’s missing most is clear vision of what the industry[...]

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The Role of Mediation in the DIFC Courts

London, 5 January, 2015. The DIFC Courts, Dubai’s commercial and civil common law jurisdiction, were established in 2006 to hear disputes concerning the Dubai International Financial Centre and those doing business in, with or from the Centre. The Courts’ jurisdiction[...]

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